It is said Hue represents the national soul of Vietnam.

As a Vietnamese cultural heritage nest, the capital of the Tay Son Dynasty (1788-1802) and then of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), Hue breathes through its royal atmosphere, its cultural life and its poetic environment.

Beyond monuments, the authentic charm of Hue has been preserved in the villages surrounding the imperial city where the mandarins of the Court lived.

Along the banks of the Perfume River, a little over a kilometer from the Imperial City, lies the historic village of Kim Long. The village has the distinction as the former residential area of the nobility class in the Citadel.

Time has not altered King Long Village. The well-preserved Garden Houses are secluded behind massive gates, typical of the Mandarin Era.

Kim Long, literally meaning “Golden Dragon”, has a special place in the history of Vietnam in general and Hue in particular.