“Bach Ma” House

Bach Ma House is themed as a tribute to Hue royal costumes and accessories.

The largest house of the resort, it is divided into two sections : men’s and women’s.

The Men’s section showcases paintings of Imperial costumes. The Women’s section displays historical objects such as a real princess’ costume, paintings of royal jewlery, shoes, enamel tea boxes and other accessories.

The 2 bedrooms feature King-size beds and each offer their own private terraces and bathrooms.
The house is surrounded by a landscaped garden.

More about “Bach Ma”

Bach Ma, literally the White Horse Mountains, is a range of mountains located west of the Imperial City of Hue that separates the narrow coastline of Vietnam and the hinterlands of Laos.

  • Single8,812,500 VND375 USDDouble8,812,500 VND

    375 USD


    16,168,000 VND

    688 USD

  • 2 rooms
  • 2 king-size beds
  • Dressing table
  • Desk
  • Sofa
  • Wardrobe
  • 2 private bathrooms
  • Bathroom equipped with Jacuzzi massage bathtubs, solar water system, and accessories such as mirror, hair dryer, vanity
  • 2 terraces in front and back
  • The master Living room : sofa set, a dining table set, console table and a TV set.
  • Air Con
  • Mini bar
  • In-house phone
  • Safety box
  • LCD screen
  • Individual movie and music system including loudspeaker
  • Slippers, sun hat
  • 2 Bedrooms (double): 50m2 each room
  • Terrace of each room: 12m2.
  • Backyard per room: 10m2.
  • Shared living room: 22.5m2.
  • Terrace: 8m2.
  • Backyard: 12m2.