Project Description


The old imperial capital of Hue is popular not only for its attractive historical monuments of the Nguyen Dynasty, but also for its richness in culture and cuisine. There is no better way to explore the night life of Hue and its tasteful flavours than sitting on the back seat of a vespa for an adventure through its charming streets.

Start your exploration with a short visit to a local family where you are welcomed to see their house and interact with them. Afterwards, come to a local restaurant where you will see a cooking demonstration on how to make Hue cakes. You are also encouraged to learn to make one before tasting the various cakes with different fish sauces. Continue to discover more about Hue cuisine with ‘Nem Lụi’- Hue Lemongrass Skewer with vegetables and rice paper and ‘Banh Khoai’ –Hue sizzling pancakes with a special sauce. Finally, keep riding to the citadel to visit a doctor of herbal medicine and his shop. You will learn about different kinds of herbs and a special recipe to make a traditional royal wine before sitting down to get a pulse diagnosis and a glass of wine.


  • Pick-up and drop off at Ancient Hue Garden House
  • Availability: Evening only
  • Suggested departure time from Ancient Hue Garden House: 05:00 PM
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • Capacity: Max 10 Pax