Ancient Hue Restaurant





The Nguyen emperors' banquets were legendary, with some feasts said to have included 300 rare dishes served in more than a thousand bowls. To satisfy the nobles' craving for variety, Hue's royal cooks specialized in small, bite-sized morsels, developing delectable appetizers and snack foods unique to this region. Delicate sweet and spicy flavors and an abundance of fresh produce and seafood characterize Hue cuisine.





At Ancient Hue, visitors can sample local delights such as banh beo, tiny rice flour parcels topped with shrimp flakes and pork crackling, and banh khoai, fried rice- flour pancakes stuffed with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts, and innovative fusion cuisine.





Trained at a the five star hotel, Ancient Hue's chef mixes local specialties with Asian and European flavors to create memorable modern-day royal feasts. Rounding of the fine dining experience are creative cocktails that blend premium liquors with local fruits and an impressive international wine list.